James Lyons

Hemet, CA (USA)
C-Level Executive (CEO, CFO, etc.)


Location: Hemet
Industry: Finance
Year Founded: 2003
Number Employees: 1-10 people
Business Stage: Mature
Entity Type: Limited Partnership
Description: When traditional lending institutions will not lend, try GFS.
C-Level Executive (CEO, CFO, etc.)


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Location: LAS VEGAS
Description: Gainsday Financial Services is a direct private commercial lender servicing the real estate and other industries. Gain Financial Services is committed to providing loan solutions for borrowers who need private financing. With more than 50 years of combined experience, we pride ourselves on successful funding’s. Unlike conventional lenders, we can think outside of the box to tailor a loan that suits the needs of the borrower and the requirements of our investors. We make the process of securing private financing simple and straightforward with quick approvals and closings. When traditional lending institutions will not lend, try GFS.
Services Provided:
  • Business Insurance
  • Funding -> Commercial Mortgage
  • Funding -> Equipment Leasing
  • Funding -> Business Acquisition / Franchise Funding
  • Funding -> Operation Capital
  • Funding -> Debt Consolidation