Michael Parsons

Miramar Beach, FL (USA)
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MedCanna Group

Location: Miramar Beach
Industry: Technology/Web
Year Founded: 2014
Number Employees: 10-50 people
Business Stage: Growth (profitable)
Entity Type: "C" Corporation
Description: I need funding to acquire control of a very nice growth stage Total Security company. The company name is Identytech Solutions, a Delaware corp. Identytech is 6 years old and profitable with revenues of $5 plus million per year and $25 plus million since launch. The company is very well managed and I would not change anything with management. They need capital to achieve next level growth. Most money is for R&D to complete hard wear and soft wear for a large customer. Once this customer comes online the revenues will triple the revenues that now achieve. They currently have contracts with governments and private companies. They are solid and need capital to achieve their potential. I have a detailed budget for 2019 and 2020 showing current customers and new customers once funded. Great document for investors. Please advise if I can share any additional information. John Parsons

MedCanna Group Inc.

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Location: Destin
Description: We are a new Wyoming C corp. Our goal is to acquire assets by helping good companies achieve their potential by helping them find capital to continue growing.
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