The Ground Rules

The membership of The Network succeeds because of the quality of its members and some basic rules that everyone adheres to. We reserve the right to deny service to any member or prospective member at any time if they do not play by the rules.

No Soliciting. Do not offer to "sell" anything to a member upon first contact. Focus on introducing yourself and the benefits you provide, not outwardly hawking a product or service. If you are a vendor, please contact our B2B partnership services about our Pro Account System.

No Misrepresentation. Please be as honest and forthright about yourself and your offer as possible. Members are encouraged to report any communications that they consider to be misleading or any members that appear to be misrepresenting themselves.

No Leeches. A leech is someone who doesn’t respect the interests of the community and attempts to abuse the system for their own benefit. They take constantly and offer nothing in return. The Network succeeds because of our community’s ability to give. Don’t be a leech.

Legal Disclaimer

This is the Terms of Service agreement for All users must read and accept every aspect of this and any other agreement or policy provided by If you do not agree to these terms, you are prohibited from using The Network or any affiliated services. Moreover, reserves the right to modify this agreement at any time. Your use of The Network and affiliated services indicates your unconditional acceptance of all changes made to this agreement at any point.

Securities Solicitation Policy

By posting on this site Member represents and agrees that nothing contained herein constitutes an offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to buy any security, and that if any offer or sale of securities is deemed to have occurred by reason of a posting or listing on this Site such offer and sale is made solely to institutional or accredited investors as those terms are applicable under state and federal securities laws. Member agrees that Network provides no services or assistance in connection with any funding request except to provide an efficient means of identifying the Member to potential funding sources and for allowing direct contact between a Member and potential funding sources.

Accredited Investor Affirmation

To be listed on The Network, each accredited investor affirmatively represents that he/she/it is subject to and will comply with the applicable provisions of securities laws and regulations, including any filing requirement, of each state where registered as accredited.

Trademark Infringement

All names and logos associated with and The Network are trademarks of You may not use any trademark in any manner without written consent. Furthermore, users may not infringe on any patents, trademarks, or other copyrights of users or any other parties whatsoever.

The Network

The Network allows professionals to connect with small businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, customers, vendors, employees and advisors. The Web site acts as a "virtual rolodex" that people like yourself can use at any time to connect with other professionals that can help your business.

Conditions for Membership

For obvious legal reasons, The Network or any affiliated services may not be used by persons under the age of 18. This same restriction applies to any users suspended or removed from The Network or any affiliated services. Users are prohibited from transferring or profiting from the transfer of their account to another party. If you do not meet these requirements, you are not eligible to use The Network.

Terms of Information Use is authorized to use any information that is provided by users or affiliates. This information is used at no charge from the users and may be used for any purpose associated with, The Network, or any affiliates. All information that a user posts on The Network is completely the USER's responsibility. is not responsible for any misrepresentation of facts or other errors in this content. strives to ensure the integrity of the information on The Network, but cannot guarantee the truthfulness of the information that each user provides through The Network. reserves the right to release any user information or other information if required to do so by law. Contact System has created a proprietary messaging system for users to communicate with one another and for to contact these users. Additionally, may communicate with its users via email or other forms of contact in the normal course of business. All users must agree not to abuse The Network contact system in manner. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in account suspension or termination.

Confidential Information Exchange

All information submitted to The Network, including messages, will become property of Any investor or entrepreneur on our site requesting to contact any other investor or entrepreneur on our site, does so at their own risk and is solely responsible for conducting any legal, accounting, or due diligence review. Please do not send any confidential information through The Network. You're best off using the system to make contact with other Members and then continue any confidential information exchange through your own methods.

Use of The Network 

Your use of The Network Service must follow the guidelines set forth in this agreement. The Network may refuse or revoke service or other offerings without prior notice to any user or potential user for any reason. Users must obey all applicable local, national, and international laws associated with the use of The Network and any affiliated services.

Users take complete responsibility for all activities that occur under their account with or without their prior knowledge or consent. In the event that you discover any unauthorized use of your account, you must immediately notify The Network so that the proper actions can be taken.

Types of Business Not Supported

Based on past experience, there are a few businesses that we just can't seem to support without throwing the rest of our community up in arms. These include Multi Level Marketers, Home Based Business Services, and just about anything that has to do with pornography or adult entertainment. We reserve the right to cancel or suspend accounts that appear to be related to these types of business. If you're running one of these types of businesses, you will probably have more luck on Craigslist, as they are a more generalized listing service.

User Agreement

Users agree with NOT to use The Network or any services provided by or its affiliates to:

  • Commit ANY unlawful acts
  • Post or "spam" other users on the system with unsolicited advertising or other communications
  • Harm The Network,, or any related systems and infrastructure in any way through any means
  • Collect or resell data containing other users' profile or personal information or any other information on The Network
  • Harass other users or anyone else in any way
  • Misrepresent themselves in any way through profile postings, messages sent to
  • or other users, or any other method
  • Commit any actions considered to be unethical or to abuse The Network system, other associated services, or users
  • Attempt to deliberately solicit members to leave The Network in favor of another related or competitive service

Disciplinary Guidelines has set in place a listing of disciplinary guidelines for regarding the use of The Network or any affiliated services. may, but is not obligated to, enforce penalties for breaching these guidelines. Foremost, you agree that The Network may immediately suspend or terminate your account and all access to The Network and other services without prior notice. The following will lead to the suspension or termination by The Network of a user's account 1) violation of this Terms of Service or the User Agreement within this document 2) Violation of any applicable laws 3) A user's request to have their own profile removed 4) Account inactivity.

Account termination will include, but is NOT limited to the previous items and events listed. account suspension or termination includes the complete stoppage of all use of The Network and any affiliated services. All account suspensions or terminations will be made at's discretion and without necessarily consulting any other parties. is not liable for any damages associated with the suspension or termination of a user's account.

The Network will not issue any refunds whatsoever to Members who have violated these Terms of Service. Users further agree to the terms set forth in the Refund Policy.

Extent of Liability

By accepting this Terms of Service agreement, you agree that and any persons or entities associated or affiliated with are not responsible for any damages to any party as a result of using the services provided or transacting business with or affiliates. reserves the right, but is not obligated, to screen the content that is posted on The Network for any abusive, false, unreliable or other unacceptable material. However, we cannot guarantee that users will not find such material on this site. We rely a great deal on The Network user base to help protect the standards and integrity of the Network. Please report any such offenses to so that proper action can be taken. We reserve the right, but are not obligated, to terminate any accounts that are in violation of this Terms of Service Agreement or any other policies that our company maintains. We hold no responsibility for ANY damages caused for any reason to users of our services or to other parties. Furthermore, is not responsible for malfunctioning features or services that may hinder your use of The Network or its offerings or cause damages to any party. We will do our best to provide a fully functioning service with complete integrity at all times, but this cannot in any way be guaranteed. and it's affiliates will not be held responsible for the actions of other users on the Network or outside parties that disrupt the normal functioning of the network.

Membership on does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation by of an offer to buy any investment interest in the business ventures of members. The actual sale or purchase of an investment interest shall be a private and independent transaction between the members without any participation by In no event will be liable for any loss of earnings or any other commercial damages, losses or expenses arising out of or in correlation with an independent transaction, agreement, or interaction between site members.

If you have any questions or would like to report any violations of these Terms of Service or other policies set forth by, please contact the following:

Attn: Terms of Service

1322 Manning Pkwy

Powell, Ohio 43065 USA

Data Rights and Protection has the utmost respect for our customers’ privacy and information protection. Given the ever changing regulatory environment, we strive to stay ahead of the curve. In our mission to ethically and lawfully serve our customers we have the following policies in place in order to adhere to international and domestic law:

Obtaining Consent: wrote our terms of service to make it as understandable and straightforward as possible. Our valued customers are able to give and rescind consent at any time. If at any time you wish to remove consent, please email our Data Protection Officer at Additional details are provided below in our “Data Protection Officer” description.

Timely Breach Notification:

In the event of a data breach, will notify our associated data controllers and customers within 72 hours. In addition to outlining the nature of the breach, the breadth, and actions involved to remedy the situation will be detailed.

Right to Data Access:

If at any time a customer wishes to access his or her existing data profile, will provide a free electronic copy of the data we collected about that customer. This report will also include the various ways the information has been used.

Right to Be Forgotten:

If at any time customer discontinues their relationship with, the customer can request that his or her personal data is wholly erased from our records.

Data Portability:

This gives users rights to their own data. Customers will be able to obtain their data from in an electronic report and reuse that same data in different environments outside of ours.

Privacy by Design: has a full and detailed map of our data collection process and the various parties privy to that data. has specifically designed its systems and trained its staff to maintain customer privacy. We strive to continue to improve and adapt this design to be forward looking.

Data Protection Officer: has appointed a Data Protection Officer who can be reached at This internal officer will be able to rescind customer consent as requested, alert stakeholders of a data breach, provide access to data reports, ensure the right to be forgotten, establish data portability as requested, and oversee privacy by design with a fiduciary responsibility.