Funding 101: Prep


Getting angel funding is just like attracting the girl you want to marry. If you're fat, ugly, and out of shape you're going to have a hell of a time convincing a 10 that you're the one for her.

Angel Funding can be a great source of capital for promising startups. However, while there are a large number of active angel investors in the U.S., only so many checks get written and it's a competitive field. You'll want to make sure you give everything you've got when you have your shot at goal. In this brief article, we'll discuss how to get Angel Funding.
Use a Rifle, Not a Shot Gun

Thanks to effective Angel Investor Networks, getting in front of investors is no longer the main obstacle for startups like it was 10 years ago. Given this fact, many entrepreneurs take a shot gun approach and carpet bomb every Angel Investor they can find with their deal regardless of whether they are prepared and without regard to whether or not it is a good fit based on the investor's preferences.

This is a huge mistake. There are a limited number of Angel Investors so it's best to make the most out of the opportunities you do get and make sure it is done right. Do the proper research, find investors who are specifically looking for deals like yours, and only approach them. Not only will it drastically increase your odds of getting funding, it's just good tact.

Have Your Ducks in a Row

There is nothing worse than getting someone interested in your deal only to have them see that you are not well prepared. You will need an executive summary, a business plan, and a pitch deck ready before you start to pitch investors. If you don't yet have them, you're not ready to get Angel Funding.

The Angel Funding Dating Game

Again, getting angel funding is like dating. It's the easiest to get a date if you're really good looking or you're decent looking and have a number of people who vouch for you. If you can get an introduction to your angel investors from someone they trust, you'll have a much greater shot at getting funded than if you try to open a conversation with a cheesy one liner.

If you're startup is fat and ugly, you'll want to give it a makeover before you start searching for Angel Investors. In order to get Angel Funding, you'll need to have an attractive startup opportunity in an industry that matches the Angel Investor's interests.

Angel Funding Summary

1. You should never carpet bomb random angels with your deal. Hand pick the ones that have an interest in your industry and take the time to prepare well for your conversation with them.

2. Get your startup looking hot before you approach an angel. Have your executive summary, business plan, and pitch deck polished up and ready to go.

3. Get a personal introduction to the Angel Investor if you can. Having a killer opportunity and street credibility will give you the leg up you need to Get Angel Funding.

4. Don't waste your shots on goal. Take your time to prospect the right Angel Investors and be ready when your time comes.