Funding 101: Prep


This learning center is divided into four sections to help you understand the fundraising process and give you some quick pointers to make your life a little easier.


Overview of how the fundraising process works and what to expect going forward.

· How Fundraising Works

· The Evolution of Investment

· Set Reasonable Expectations



How to prepare your company for funding.

· Budgeting for Fundraising

· Formation

· Traction



A brief explanation of each of your capital options and how they work.

· The Funding Landscape

· Bootstrapping

· Debt

· Equity



Putting together the right plan of attack to increase your chances of funding.

· How the Pitch Process Works

· Key Pitch Assets

· What Investors are Looking for

· Making a Good Introduction

· The Elevator Pitch

· The Email Pitch

· Create a Prospecting ListEnd