Funding 101: Prep


Types of Debt Available

There are many different types of debt available depending on the stage of your business, what you need the capital for, how much you need, and your credit history. Here, we provide a directory of the different types of debt available with a detailed explanation when you click each link.

Micro Loans

Small government loans provided to small businesses that range from $3k to $35,000.

SBA Loans

Government backed loans from the US Government specifically for new or expanding small businesses.

Merchant Cash Advance

These are loans given to businesses that accept credit cards and have existing revenues.

Accounts Receivable Financing

Receive financing based on receivables that are due to your business from your customers.

Business Line of Credit

A source of capital for businesses that can range in terms from 7 days to a 30 day revolving line of credit to help business fund their capital needs.

Traditional Bank Loan

Capital provided to individuals with high collateral and a long and stable credit history.

Hard Money Lender

Hard Money Lenders are lenders that offer specialized financing for real estate-backed loans.

Equipment Financing

Any type of equipment that is necessary for the operation of your business can be financed. This type of equipment ranges from office furniture to tools.

Commercial Real Estate Loan

Financing for commercial real estate can be allocated based on property value, credit history, and supporting collateral offered on the loan.

Acquisition Loan

An acquisition loan is used for the purchase of a business or franchise with a proven track record.