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Location: Krakow
Description: We have various profitable investments in various industries we have investments in Poland from 1 - 50 million euro and foreign investments for over $ 15 - 100 million We are interested in loans for profitable investments or loans secured by a mortgage on a commercial mortgage plots of land, investment plots, commercial properties. What is the security for the loan the amount of the investment loan min. max conditions, requirements, step by step procedure and the duration of the loan. We can discuss cooperation with signing a contract and we offer a quick multiplication of large capital or its lucrative location - offering various opportunities land, various commercial facilities and investments in various industries, and also having experience and various wide world contacts offers gold, diamonds, precious stones, paintings by famous painters, etc. We establish permanent cooperation and we can also cooperate with foreign investors offer various plots / plots for logistics in Poland, development projects single and multi-family housing construction, wind farms, solar farms, ecological farms, for the construction of a hotel, office building, gallery, dormitory and various commercial facilities in large cities or at the seaside, in the mountains. Real estate investment for foreign investors it can bring the investor an above-average rate of return on investment, much higher than in Western Europe. In Poland, the annual return on investment in commercial facilities can generate an annual return of 8-10%, what abroad has long been unattainable. In turn, the acquisition and reactivation of a closed production hall taking into account local low production costs is a great advantage for a foreign industrial investor. We await cooperation proposals
Services Provided:
  • Capital Broker
  • Business Consulting
  • Real Estate