Jim McCune

Meridian, ID (USA)

43 Private Equity Group, LLC

Location: Meridian
Range: $500k - Above $10 Mil
Investor Type: Private Equity
Accredited: Yes
Description: We prefer investing in existing manufacturing businesses with marginal or declining profitability. We will consider most industries. Minimum investment of $500 thousand, maximum investment for any single investment is $2.5 million. All investments must include real estate. In the State of Utah we are seeking to invest in food and beverage businesses. These investments will be included in our alternative financing program. Minimum investment is $1 million, maximum investment is $50 million in any single investment.
Funding Types:
  • Equity Funding (VC, Angel, PE)
  • Alternative/Creative Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Food Service/Restaurant
Investment Regions:
  • United States
  • ID
  • OR
  • UT
  • WA
C-Level Executive (CEO, CFO, etc.)

Spectracom Holdings

Find More Service Providers Service Provider
Location: Newport Beach
Description: We assist small to medium sized businesses in strategic planning, raising capital, and commercial real estate financing.
Services Provided:
  • Business Planning
  • Business Consulting
  • Real Estate