Real Estate Construction Funding

Larry Williams
Name: Larry Williams
Location: Cary, North Carolina
Industry: Real Estate Construction
Business: Gemini Homes
Goal: To obtain $1MM in funding to for construction projects.
Goal Reached: 100% of $1MM


Larry owns a construction company and was looking for investors to help fund real estate projects including flips and new construction that his company could not fund internally.

After signing up on The Network, Larry began sending a list of his potential projects out to investors that he was matched up with by 
Within a few months, Larry had a meeting with a large Canadian investment firm that was interested in his projects. After meeting with Larry, the firm extended a $1MM line of credit to his firm for his real estate 
Since the initial funding, Larry’s relationship with the investors has grown to where they are funding more and more of his real estate projects. 

Types of Real Estate Projects Now Funded:

  • New Construction
  • Real Estate Flips
  • Custom Home Construction

What Larry has to Say

“I’ve had some real success with The Network and the contacts they were able to provide to me”

Funding Lessons

Sometimes your funding will come from a different source than you initially plan on and end up working out better than the initial type of capital you were pursuing. Please take the time to review our capital MATCH series to help you determine the best type of funding for your business.


Larry Williams is a Real Estate Entrepreneur who needed to raise $1MM in capital to help fund real estate construction projects. After contacting, we evaluated where Larry was at and determined that he was prepared enough to begin contact investors. We enrolled Larry in our Investor Matching Service and through these connections Larry obtained a $1MM line of credit for his company. 
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