Real Estate Funding

Name:  Lonnie Heward
Location: Michigan
Industry: Real Estate Appraisals
Goal: To obtain up to $20k for his business.
Goal Reached: $15,000


Lonnie was looking to grow his certified real estate appraisal company and came to looking for advice. Since Lonnie was looking for funding to help him service clients to improve appraisals, we knew that he could achieve his goals by generating good business credit.


  • Grow certified real estate appraisal business.
  • Obtain $20,000 in funding to grow the business.
  • Obtain funding without a personal guarantee.


Lonnie was in a common position. He wanted to raise a moderate amount of funding to grow his business without a personal guarantee. In this type of situation, we typically recommend a business credit building package. Business credit building allows you to create a strong business credit history and obtain the funding you need over time. It is a great fit for most small businesses and can help lead to other types of funding in the future.


Lonnie followed our instructions and was able to obtain $15,000 in unsecured business funding to grow his certified real estate appraisal business.

Funding Lessons

A difficult part of fundraising is gaining traction for your business. Building your business credit can help create a strong foundation for your business, help you land midterm funding for your business, and can better position you for larger funding later on. has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs build business credit and obtain large amounts of business credit. This credit helps generate a strong reputation for your company and get you the funding you need to grow your business.

What Lonnie has to Say

“The Business Credit Building Package has helped me obtain $15,000 in funding”


Lonnie Heward is a real estate entrepreneur who owns a company that does certified home appraisals. Lonnie came to us looking for funding to help grow his business. After analyzing his situation, we recommended our business credit building program. After enrolling in the program, Lonnie was able to obtain $15,000 in funding to grow his business.
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