Title: Invstor.com is Hiring a Business Plan Writer

Position: Business Plan Writer
Location: 1322 Manning Parkway
                Powell, OH 43065

Website: www.Invstor.com
Contact: careers@Invstor.com
At Invstor.com, we want to help entrepreneurs be significantly more

Here’s your chance to join a fast growing, high-energy, organization solely
focused on helping entrepreneurs build great companies.

Job Description

We need a startup company business plan writing nerd - someone that
absolutely loves startup companies the way we do!

We work with thousands of startup company entrepreneurs every month in an
effort to help them launch their companies.  We need someone who can join
our team to help these entrepreneurs craft well-articulated business plans
that investors will love.

Different writers have different specialties.  We're looking at smart people
who can create as many of these documents as possible:

Elevator Pitch.  We take a big idea and help an entrepreneur pare it down to
just a couple sentences.  This can take weeks even with the best
entrepreneur, so your ability to communicate and revise effectively is

Pitch Deck.  Mastery at the art of PowerPoint.  You know and love
Microsoft's dated and archaic slide software and can make it sing songs for
you.  We create beautiful pitch decks for our clients to help them present
their ideas to investors and partners.

Business Plan.  The meat of the deliverables including a strong presentation
of the mechanics of the business, its operations, and the people behind it.
You have a great understanding of marketing plans, financial plans, and
operational plans.  You put together beautiful gantt charts because you can.

Projections.  You understand how to get a company to $100 million in revenue
in 4 years, even if they don't.  You can work backward from key assumptions
and build up forecasting models that hold up.  You never use the phrase
"this is conservative" because you know projections aren't.

Financials.  You can create Income Statements, Cash Flow Projections,
Balance Sheets, and Pro Forma Projections.  You have a strong command of the
world of Excel, and a Pivot Table is your friend.

Market Research.  You can tell a client how many coffee shops serve Espresso
in Boca Raton (answer: 53).  You understand how to use "the InterWebs" to
find key pieces of data that can hold up financial forecasts.  You know what
TAM means.

Each plan writer works directly with our clients to gather requirements and
manage their project to completion.  We have a great deal of domain
expertise that we want to be able to share with you in order to provide the
benefit of our experience to our clients.

We will spend lots of time teaching you the tricks of the trade.


Compensation is a combination of base plus performance based on number of
plans completed to the satisfaciton of our clients.  We want to combine
quality with efficiency and we will develop a plan customized to your work
habits to help balance this with you.

Position Requirements

- A genuine interest in Entrepreneurship
- The ability to consult AND close.
- The ability to manage sales opportunities through a sales cycle
- Effective pipeline management and utilization of a CRM system to track
sales opportunities
- Outstanding communication skills - you're talking to very smart
- Aptitude for basic customer service and sales techniques.
- Professional appearance and demeanor.
- A positive attitude and desire to help your clients.

What You'll Take Away

If you love entrepreneurship, this is better than any MBA or class you could
ever take.  You'll learn about all aspects of growing a startup company from
identifying a market opportunity to securing your first round of Venture
Capital.  In the process you'll have the opportunity to help some of the
millions of new startups become a reality.

Our Environment

We work in a casual, fun atmosphere.  Not the kind of "casual, fun
atmosphere" that a big corporation tells you about and then sticks you in a
cubicle and ties you to some horrible middle manager.

Our offices are located in Powell, nestled over a beautifully wooded ravine
with floor to cieling windows of natural light.  You can literally see
chipmunks playing while you're on the phone.  An outdoor patio surrounds the
building with deck chairs and picnic tables which is great in the Spring and
totally useless in the Winter.

The team is experienced and highly energetic.  We are all entrepreneurs
ourselves.  We want to conquer the world, and we look for people who share
our passion.

What We Do

Invstor.com helps entrepreneurs start and grow successful companies.  Every day
our team helps entrepreneurs start their businesses, craft business plans,
and pitch investors. To date, we have helped thousands of entrepreneurs
obtain millions in funding and grow their businesses.  It's what we love to
do and we're looking for people who share our passion.

About Our Founder

Invstor.com was built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.  Our Founder, Wil
Schroter, has built 8 startup companies in the past 17 years from pure
startups to companies surpassing $2 billion in sales.  His startups include
Blue Diesel (now inVentiv), Swapalease.com, Invstor.com, Bizplan.com,
GotCast.com, Unsubscribe.com, Affordit.com, and Virtucon Ventures.  Wil has
been recognized by the Ernst & Young entrepreneur of the Year Award and the
U.S. Small Business Association Young entrepreneur of the Year Award.