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Top 10 Job Sites to find Rock Star Programmers

"There are plenty of programmers out there, but rock star programmers? They are few and far between. Learn how to locate these gems and keep them happy with the resources (below).You can list your job on Monster, but you're better off listing on a job site that caters to technical workers. These job sites are made with your star programmer in mind."

-HR World

Finally, a Source

 "I have long lamented the lack of a small business community online that can provide very small business owners — those who are home-based, solo practitioners or managing just a few employees — with the support and resources they need.  I recently checked out Network and I think some of my cries were heard."

-Small Biz Resource network: ‘Craigslist for start-ups’

"The idea is useful as it allows VC firms to find good ideas to fund which they might usually miss! Also, start-ups can list vacancies which they need filling."

-Webby's World

The Investor Connection

"Running a small business often requires you to explore multiple options, so another site helpful for making the investor-entrepreneur connection is"


Making the Most of Online Matchmaking for Small Firms

 “Entrepreneurs can create profiles and post ads looking for investors and others to help start their businesses.”

-The Wall Street Journal

Help getting started

"Bounce your ideas off experts in the Getting Started forum at"

-Money Magazine

Reach Out and Find Someone

 "If you've got a business plan and are looking for potential investors, you might try, which aims to connect startups, investors, and job seekers."