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Positioning Definition

positioning – n and v : marketing term; the perception that a company attempts to create in the minds of its targeted customers regarding that company’s product or service offering relative to competitors’ offerings; the attribute or attributes associated with a company or product relative to competitive companies or products in the same market. Also, marketing activities associated with creating a company’s or product’s positioning.

Example: A strong positioning statement should clearly and succinctly address the following:
“For______ [your target customers or market segment], … _______ [your product or brand] …is/provides/enables _______ [your product's or service's most important benefits] …because _______ [reason why]. Unlike ______ [your primary competitors], _______[your brand] does _______ [highlighting your brands primary competitive differentiation, i.e., what makes you better].”

Adapted from "The CompanyCrafters Entrepreneur's Dictionary"
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