Ahmed Elkhalifataha

Rochester, MN (USA)

Az investment promotion and management

Location: Rochester
Industry: Consulting
Year Founded: 2011
Number Employees: 1-10 people
Business Stage: Mature
Entity Type: Limited Liability Company
Description: Greetings: My name is Ahmed Elkhalifataha, founder and principal of Az Investment Promotion and Management (AZIPM). AZIPM is a U.S investment promotion and management company located in Rochester, Minnesota, home of the Mayo Clinic the #1 healthcare provider in the world. AZIPM's website can be found at (URL removed) Mayo Clinic's website can be found at (URL removed) Mayo Clinic has an annual expenditure of over $660 million in research and innovation overseen by Mayo Clinic's Ventures Department ((URL removed)). Currently this department has over 2000 new technologies and innovations, aimed at achieving human wellbeing, which are currently available for investors for further development and commercialization. Mayo Clinic has also initiated a $6 billion development plan called Destination Medical Center (DMC) through partnership with the State of Minnesota and the City of Rochester (government entities). More information about DMC can be found through the (URL removed) website. $2.1 billion of the above mentioned $6 billion is designated for private investments divided amongst three sectors including a research and technology sector (BioTech). AZIPM formed this fund project to penetrate the Bio-Tech sector. This fund project is a unique proposal for a secured investment opportunity which requires a startup capital of $50 million with an exit option guarantee of all invested capital within 5-7 years. The investment promises an annual payment of at least 2% (after an incubation period of 3-6 months), and 80% of the annual profit proceed. Generally successful development for one of the 2000 new technologies may generate a ROI in average of 200+% according to the industry indicators. A comprehensive and concise proposal is available for qualified investors per request. Contact Details: E-mail: (URL removed) website: (URL removed) Phone: +(Phone # removed)

Az Investment Promotion and Management

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Location: Rochester
Description: AZIPM is a U.S investment promotion and management company located in Rochester, Minnesota. We carefully select unique investment opportunities, promote those opportunities to find investor and successfully manage them.
Services Provided:
  • Project Management