Darrell McCutchen

Anderson, IN (USA)
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Darrell McCutchen Marketing Success

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Location: Anderson
Description: I have been exposed to the network marketing industry since the 1990's. This IS a NEW ERA. Technology is moving us at a rapid pace. I am focusing on aligning with those who truly understand servant leadership. It is normal to SERVE and BE SERVED......."THE POWER OF COLLABORATION". It is easy to work/create/produce individually...But the energy of collective creativity is MIGHTY. Simply put...There are a couple of hats that I embrace strongly 1. Building Relationships 2. Creating alliances 3. Referral Marketing My skill set revolves around promoting//advertising//video marketing// Web Design If you have any additional questions after the review of the information I have shared on the page you may contact me direct @ 1.765.810.6158 I look forward to hearing from you Darrell McCutchen
Services Provided:
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Website Development

White Glove 4 Less

Location: Las Vegas
Industry: Transportation
Year Founded: 2019
Number Employees: 10-50 people
Business Stage: Growth (profitable)
Entity Type: Limited Liability Company
Description: Our business model is dynamic! As a WhiteGlove4Less (WG4L) Master Licensee, you receive a revenue share on deliveries made by independent WG4L owner operators, as well as commissions on licenses sold within your territory. WG4L is an extremely profitable but simple-to-run shipping, logistics, and delivery service that carries out the delivery process with extra special care using both high-tech tracking software and user-friendly apps, minimizing delivery costs and increasing efficiency. Uber-like technology Enables local owner operators to implement deliveries Software is user friendly Faster deliveries Nationwide capabilities Furniture stores Inbound/Outbound Manufacturing facilities Home to home WG4L is looking for an active investor which will oversee the development of drivers in her/his protected territory as an Area Licensee (similar to a franchise master licensee) and earn generous overrides on drivers and deliveries. A protected territory goes for $30k to $130K depending on size/population/location.