Emely Taylor

Malibu, CA (USA)
C-Level Executive (CEO, CFO, etc.)

Startups Investor Firm #11

Location: Malibu
Industry: Technology/Web
Year Founded: 2019
Number Employees: 10-50 people
Business Stage: Mature
Entity Type: "S" Corporation
Description: Startups Consulting and Investor Firm #11....Technology ♊️ Investors who seek New Change...New Innovational Technology.... it’s Available to those of Value... 1) #1 Technology... New.. Startups only.. Best 2) Gross Profit Billions Only.. ROI High...Equity.... 3) 2 Year Contract With Consulting Firm Required... 100% ROI for investors We have 11 Contracts Signed 1) #1 New Block Chain/ Gold Coin/ Backed Gold Mines / Gross 800 Billion 2) #1 Technology Hemp/ CBD.... Gross 325 Billion 3) #1 Technology Green Energy... 5 Billion dollar Patent... Gross 211 Billion #11 New Technology......Looking for Investor.... 2 Year Contract with Consulting Firm Startups Consulting investor Firm/ Malibu Team 1) # 1 IT CTO/ IT department 476 Interview 1.5 Year to find Best IT *IT Only New Technology Launch 2020 Like Never seen Before Business Technology Launch 2020 2) #1 Sales, Marketing, PR Team 3) #1 Financial Consulting Team 4) Private Investigation and Security Team Big Project in 2020 Thank You

Startup Business Consulting Firm

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Location: Malibu
Description: Startups Consulting and Investor Firm We take on Technology Startups that will Gross profit no less than Billions.. New Technology Never Done before #1 We only take on Best We have IT Team Sales, Marketing, PR Full Financial Team PI and Security Team / Due Diligence Law Firm Partners 2 Year contract with All clients
Services Provided:
  • Business Consulting