Gary Sumihiro

Denver, CO (USA)
C-Level Executive (CEO, CFO, etc.)


Location: Denver
Industry: Agriculture
Year Founded: 2018
Number Employees: 1-10 people
Business Stage: Creation/Idea
Entity Type: Incorporated Outside United States
Description: I represent a S Korean company that is considering entering the US market because of the desire for increased IP protection. Korea ranks 14th and the US is 1. The client has a proprietary non GMO, non antibiotic poultry feed formula that reduces the growth cycle by up to 10 days and increases poultry weight by up to 28%. Given the economics of poultry production, this is a significant reduction in cost and overall increase in yield. The client is looking for funding, up to 100,000 to conduct a study with an accredited institute in the US which will allow them to market in the US. They are confident that the US study will produce the same results as that conducted overseas. Equity for cash. Convertible is preferable.

Sumihiro Investments, LLC

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Location: Denver
Description: Management consulting focusing on technology and in bound/outbound transactions.
Services Provided:
  • Business Planning