• Elliot Schneier

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    Elliot Schneier is the Chief Operating Officer of The Invstor.com Network.  Elliot has a long history of successful entrepreneurial endeavors that include venture capital and angel investor … more

  • Mark Moore

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    Mark Moore is a Senior Business Analyst at The Invstor.com Network.His areas of specialty are startup funding and acquisitions.

    Mark Moore has over 13 years of entrepreneurial and management … more

  • Careers

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    Title: Invstor.com is Hiring Stellar Sales Consultants


    Position: Senior Sales Consultant

    Location: 1322 Manning Parkway

             & … more

  • Our Services

    Thank you for your interest in our services. To ensure that you receive the products and services right for your situation, please call 888-391-7096 to speak with one of our business analysts.  … more

  • Ilya Bodner

    Ilya Bodner is the Senior Vice President of Consulting for the Go BIG Network. Ilya has over 10 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur in which he has successfully launched, managed, and … more

  • Craig Talley

    Craig Talley is the Vice President of Investor Relations at The Invstor.com Network.

    Craig brings over 25 years experience in senior management and executive level positions with various companies … more

  • Fraud Prevention

    There are fraudulent people, posing as legitimate investors, and they often prey on an entrepreneur's fund-raising efforts. This is a time when you're most vulnerable, and it doesn't … more

  • Business Planner

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    Title: Invstor.com is Hiring a Business Plan Writer


    Position: Business Plan Writer

    Location: 1322 Manning Parkway

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  • Terms of Service

    The Ground Rules

    The membership of The Invstor.com Network succeeds because of the quality of its members and some basic rules that everyone adheres to. We reserve the right to deny service to … more

  • Frequently Asked Questions

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    I have a great idea - can you get me funded?

    That depends on you.

    We can work with you figure out what type of capital may be available to you, who can provide it, and how to … more