Music Production Funding

Name:  Robert Green
Location: Connecticut
Industry: Music Production Company
Goal: To obtain $1.5MM in funding for a music production company.
Goal Reached: 100% of $1.5 Million
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Real Estate Construction

Name: Larry Williams
Location: Cary, North Carolina
Industry: Real Estate Construction
Business: Gemini Homes
Goal: To obtain $1MM in funding to for construction projects.
Goal Reached: 100% of $1MM
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Family Fun Center

Name: Charles Whitman
Industry: Family Fun Center
Goal: Obtain funding to build a family fun center.
Goal Reached: $2MM in Equity Funding
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Movie Production Company

Name: Curtis Green
Location: Los Angeles, California
Industry: Movie Production
Goal: To obtain funding to produce his latest movie.
Goal Reached: 100% of $100,000
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Real Estate Funding 20,000Home Remodeling Business

Name: Aaron Ward
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Industry: Real Estate
Goal: Financing for home flipping business
Goal Reached: 100% of $20,000
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Rental Property Funding

Name: William Stringer
Location: Gahanna, OH
Industry: Real Estate
Goal: Raise $150,000 for Rental Properties
Goal Reached: 100%
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Real Estate Funding

Name:  Lonnie Heward
Location: Michigan
Industry: Real Estate Appraisals
Goal: To obtain up to $20k for his business.
Goal Reached: $15,000
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Video Game Funding

Name:  David Allen
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Industry: Online Video Gaming
Company: Quest Online, LLC
Goal: To receive funding for his gaming company.
Goal Reached: FUNDED
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"We secured funding to grow our Media Company!..The daily notices are key – I review them every day, and if they seem like a good match, I contact them with our “introduction Email”. This is how we found Greg. It just takes time, patience, and a solid foundation."

Media Company Funding

Name:  Danielle Spandau
Location: Boca Raton, FL
Industry: Multi-Media Marketing and Production
Company: Multi-Media Marketing and Production, Inc.
Goal: To receive funding for an ESPN2 TV Series
Goal Reached: FUNDED
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"We secured the funding we needed (for ESPN2 TV Series)!..After only 1 month of posting I received over 25 contacts from investors and capital investment groups… and was able to secure the funding we needed. In addition, I found an executive producer and partner that I was looking for, to take my independent television shows and production company international. Thank you for putting together such great services for companies looking for funding. I would recommend to any small or large business looking to expand and find the additional funds to do so."

Healthcare Company Funding

Name:  Justin Fontenot
Location: Abbeville, LA
Industry: Professional Medical Staffing Company
Company: Symmetric Healthcare Staffing
Goal: To receive funding for an ESPN2 TV Series
Goal Reached: FUNDED
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"Secured funding to expand our Healthcare Staffing business..We were able to secure the additional funding we needed to expand our business. Thank you for your time and for helping make the perfect connection. For that, I will forever be grateful."

Medical Software Funding

Name:  Ben Lieblich
Location: Akron, OH
Industry: Medical Software Company
Company: Propractica
Goal: To receive funding for a Medical Service Company.
Goal Reached: FUNDED
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"Got $125k Investment...
As ProPractica sought its first growth financing, served as a means to find investors in the $50,000 to $150,000 range. ProPractica met a professional investor who focuses on Internet-delivered software and was just beginning to research the healthcare vertical. This investor committed $125,000. "