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Native Outfitters is an outdoor lifestyle apparel company similar to Tommy Bahama and Guy Harvey. Native Outfitters designs, manufactures and distributes clothing and accessories for the South Florida lifestyle.

Palm Beach, FL
Apparel Industry

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A First to Market Smart Technology for the Treatment of Lung Cancer.  Sanovas revolutionary Smart Catheter technologies will now afford doctors the tools to venture into areas of the anatomy where they have never been.

Sausalito, CA
Healthcare Industry

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Skoop! enables franchise businesses to drive revenue by engaging customers using the mobile channel.

Deer Park, NY
Mobile Industry

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Amaranth provides best-in-class healthcare services in areas such as revenue cycle management, practice management, and minimizing patient account receivables aging.

Sacramento, CA
Healthcare Industry

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Avicenna Laser Technology, Inc. invented the first commercial Class IV High Power Laser Therapy device in 2003. Avicenna also became the first company to receive FDA clearance and is now widely known as the pioneer of Class IV High Power Laser Therapy. 

West Palm Beach, FL
Healthcare Industry

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